About Us

Hi and welcome to our community of both regulars and newcomers. May our community offer a warm welcome and assistance on your journey.

The traditions of this community date back hundreds of years and the location both reflects local history and the desires of local people over thousands of years. This organization is proud to have many regular attendees and continues to welcome new members.

Many activities and events happen regularly throughout the calendar year. Check out the website for more details or contact us for more information

Following traditions that have been bestowed upon us for thousands of years, this community believes that the people should be immersed in the community. It is the aim of the members to provide as much support as possible.

A diversity of people come to experience something important that can be taken into everyday life in their dealings here. This community offers support, activities and events during the year which are fun and relevant to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Our facilities are as modern as can be provided by the funding we receive. Access to the location is for everyone and we have built our facilities around this idea. Car parking, disability access, and toilets are all built around the idea of inclusiveness. Our facilities are spacious, comfortable and clean.

Check out the website for more information and contact for help. More friendly faces and people from all walks of life are what this community is all about. Welcome and connect.