Connecting with Others

Some people join this organization to experience new connections while others are facing challenges and just need a little support. Join us in the spirit community and come with an open heart. It is the hope of the community that every person will leave with connections to other people. Understanding how tradition still has relevance in a world which can often seem a little overwhelming is also our aim

Our community invites regulars and new members to many activities and events held regularly throughout the calendar year. These activities and events are run mostly by volunteers. Volunteers know what is important for each individual and know how to make the most of the time spent together.

Are you looking to meet to people or just need a little company and chat? Come and meet fellow minded adults. This organization offers a range of activities and join each other for a coffee regularly.

Various activities also happen throughout the year which are focused on youth and are relevant to their needs. Look at the website for regular information. Events and activities are run by volunteers with youth experience. A range of activities such as sports, walking, team activities, music and more are available. Teens can meet outside of school in a safe environment which promotes healthy and positive activities.

This organization also regularly runs events and activities for children. Children can experience some fun and games in a safe environment. There is lots of singing, crafts, and many activities to keep them occupied. It is also a great way for parents to get to know each other.

Support can be a little hard to find for some people and it is offered by this community. Safe and non-judgmental ways for people to connect and get some guidance on the issues they are facing is supported.

It is out hope that this organization meets the diverse range of interests and issues facing people. Safe, friendly and well-trained people want everyone to have a worthwhile experience.