Safety and Security

Cyber security is something that is, or should be, on everyone’s radar. This website is dedicated to the protection of internet and web users through information about cyber security and protection. The site has resources and information that will help you surf the web safely.

This website currently uses the services of who advise us about possible breaches of privacy and general cybersecurity threats. These services are great ways to protect your website, web presence and/or online business.

A comprehensive complaint service that is external to the website and deals with circumstances in which people feel like they are threatened is available. Threats may be physical, emotional, sexual or any other type of incident in which an individual feel uncomfortable. It is our belief that people should feel comfortable and secure in the knowledge that they will be supported. This is regardless of who or what an individual’s circumstances present.

It is impossible to please everyone as they say, especially in a professional setting, as there are numerous opinions about how organisations should be run or managed. However, regardless of different and opposing opinions, there is never any reason for a person to enter an organisation and experience circumstances that leave them feeling isolated. Our organisation is also under a legal obligation to provide a non-discriminatory environment.

Cybersecurity is just one more security and privacy issue that must be considered by all organisations. Unfortunately, there are some undesirable people and things that can threaten this website and people using it. This organisation has used a consultant to keep on top of such matters and to minimize threats. This organisation hopes that people using the website service experience a safe and comfortable connection with other people. Processes have also been put in place to meet legal obligations and to protect website users.