Welcome to your one stop shop for everything about the community and community involvement

The community is based on the principles of traditions and it is everyone’s aim within it to be as inclusive as possible. Many followers have embraced the traditions of the community over the years. People have learned to connect with others from all walks of life during their time here.

Activities and events are held in historic buildings and land that also plays a big part in tradition of both the community and the local area. Events and activities are relevant as possible to each individual and the community is based on sharing of both resources and information to improve the overall experience for everyone.

People are at the heart of what this community is all about and none of what happens both on this website and during the day would be possible without the assistance of volunteers. We must all be truly grateful for the contribution that the make to the community. Everyone has busy lives and taking time out to help others is truly noble especially currently when time is an important resource.

People of all ages need to feel included. Various activities and groups make people feel connected. It doesn’t matter where people are on their journey. This community works hard to create an inclusive experience for all involved.

Meeting people should never be a daunting or uncomfortable experience. Individuals come to participate at their own pace supported by the unconditional support of the people around them. Nobody is here to rush people within the community.

Enjoy looking at the website and contact us with any inquiries by looking at the contacts section of the website. This community will try to provide any information that makes everyone’s experience worthwhile and enjoyable. Welcome and enjoy.